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Moore Brothers Construction 661-704-4947 / 818-352-3271 IS MOORE BROTHERS A FULL SERVICE AND SPECIALTY COMPANY? Yes - We are a full service company and we are able to cater to projects of all sizes. HOW MUCH OF YOUR BUSINESS ARE REFERRALS AND REPEAT CUSTOMERS? Approximately 80% of our jobs are referred and repeat customs. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE BEFORE YOU START AND COMPLETE A JOB? Depends on the scope of the job. The details of the job start date, delivery of materials, work schedule, permitted weather, and the completion date are determined on a case by case basis because no two jobs are the same. ARE PERMIT REQUIRED FOR MY PROJECT? Depends - Permits may or may not be required for the scope of work for your project. We will obtain permits for all jobs that requires permits. DOES MOORE BROTHERS PROVIDE WARRANTY FOR THEIR WORK? Yes - We will provide a limited workmanship warranty. DOES MOORE BROTHERS CHARGE FOR ESTIMATES? No! Except for legal actions and real estate transactions that will be subtracted from the price of the project if Moore Brothers is awarded the job.
KEY QUESTIONS TO ASK A CONTRACTOR. Ask as many questions as you would like to be satisfy that you found the right contractor. Here are some key questions to ask a contractor when they arrive to discuss your project. 1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS? 2. HOW YOU EVER DONE A PROJECT LIKE THIS BEFORE? 3. DO YOU HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE? 4. ARE YOUR EMPLOYEES BONDED? 5. DO YOU HAVE WORKER'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE?